Chris Wright

Chris have been working as a producer / director for over 25 years. Educated at the acclaimed Brooks Institute, he received degrees studying all facets of media. Entering the workforce in video production, Chris garnered hands-on experience through the many positions he held for various companies and professional organizations, honing his skills to the level of director and chief editor working for The Jewish Voice Broadcast.

There he was responsible for the design and building of a broadcast studio, production rooms and edit bays, and the research and application of all editing and computer graphic tools. Chris directed and edited over 350 nationally broadcast programs which aired on over a hundred stations and satellites across North America. His duties would eventually circumscribe the globe traveling to such exotic locations as Russia, Israel, South America, India and Ethiopia.

Leaving his full time position in September 2000, the new focus is on Media with a holistic approach, looking at all avenues of communications free from the past stringent ideas of application and delivery. He has immersed himself in many of the newest technologies while maintaining a foundation steeped in the time-honored traditions of storytelling.


May 4, 2016